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2022 Trends in Real Estate

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Ready to move to Roatan?

Step one to taking the leap to island life is possibly selling your current home. While it is a Seller’s market in most of North America, there are some helpful hints to get you top dollar for your home and investment.   Remember, you can sell your home at anytime and depending on your location, the late Winter and Early Spring often is a great time to snag serious Buyers!

Here on the island, the inventory has dropped in the past year but our prices are stable as it is a cash market.  The prices are on the rise, meaning our values are increasing year after year!  The Winter months are often the busiest season on Roatan for Buyers and Sellers.  Stay tuned for new listings and open houses on YouTube.  Check out the MLS to start researching for your favorite Roatan Real Estate for sale online – Condos, Land, Businesses, & Homes.

Tips to Selling in 2022

  1. Get rid of old, non-functional furniture and clutter

  2. Pare down any excessive decor and knick-knacks

  3. Clear floor clutter with floating storage and vanities

  4. Add closed storage to create visual simplicity

  5. Bring in simple yet comfy, curved furniture pieces

  6. Establish clean sight lines from floor to ceiling Use fewer materials, patterns and personal accents

  7. Make outdoor space inviting & useful

  8. Make a multi functional office space

2022 Home Design Trends

  1. Featured flooring adaptive lighting – mood & spot lighting

  2. Deep blues & green accent colors

  3. Zoning in common areas – designated spaces

  4. Metallic detailing

  5. Butler pantry – hide those appliances and clear countertops

  6. Emphasis on natural & sustainability in design

  7. Outdoor space – useable & enjoyable space year round!

  8. Lots of natural materials & stones

  9. House plants – living walls & hanging plants to promote calm spaces

2022 Fading Trends

  1. Open concept living – defined spaces after covid lockdowns have been more desirable

  2. No open shelving or exposed hoods

  3. Fast furniture – put together at home is losing out

  4. Accent walls or over sized murals clutter art work – minimal is key and soothing

  5. Gray and yellow colors

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